Our Clients

Inspiring stories about real people, doing real financial planning and achieving great outcomes.

Matt and Sue

“When we walk into the office, we never feel like a number or just another client. They have a real personal touch and we know we can contact David and the team whenever we need them.”

Sound investment advice

When Matt and Sue first met with David Kissane in 2000, they were in their early 30s and expecting their second child. Matt was a partner in a physiotherapy practice and also a part owner in a martial arts school, and he wanted guidance on building wealth for the future. Read More…

Rick and Julia

“David is very good at explaining why we should go down one path rather than another,” Julia said. “He makes sure we understand the amount of risk we’re taking on, and I always come out of our meetings feeling confident.”

Getting ready for the future

When Rick and Julia first met with David Kissane in 2001, Rick had recently started his own digital marketing firm, and the couple wanted advice on how to diversify and grow their assets outside the business. Read More…

Steve and Sara

“David’s a really good listener – he can remember from one year to the next what we’re up to and where things are at. We really look forward to our meetings with him.”

A strong plan – and good financial habits

When Steve and Sara first went to see David Kissane in 2000, they were both working full-time. But because they were paying off their mortgage and putting two children through private school, they didn’t have much in the way of disposable income. Read More…


“Without the help of David and his team, I know I wouldn’t be in such a good position. It’s been their advice and guidance over the last two decades that have gotten me to where I am today.”

Taking control

In 1972, Greg began his 40 year career as a mainframe computer specialist. Working in the finance industry, Greg had super in place right from the start, although it was a while before Greg really took control. Read More…


“Over the years David has taken the time to really get to know us – he understands that our priority is not to make as much money as we can, but to have a comfortable lifestyle that’s true to our values.”

Getting on track

By the time Tina was in her mid 20s, she was already a novice investor. Each month, she contributed a small amount to a managed fund to put aside some money for her mother’s old age. Soon after, a friend put Tina in touch with David Kissane, who began helping Tina put together a more detailed financial plan. Read More…


“I’ve always been interested in investment strategies and I knew I needed a financial planner. But I also wanted someone who I knew I could trust – and when I met David I trusted him immediately.”

A fresh start

Tony was first referred to David Kissane in 1999. He asked David for advice on investing his surplus income so he could grow his wealth and also save for a house deposit. “I’ve always been interested in investment strategies and I knew I needed a financial planner,” Tony explained. “But I also wanted someone who I knew I could trust – and when I met David I trusted him immediately. Read More…

Naras and Carrol

“Working with David is now like dealing with an old friend. He and his team have been there every step of the way. We know we’re in good hands because he has our best interests at heart.”

Starting out

Naras and Carrol first became David Kissane’s clients in 1999. Both successful professional people, they wanted to plan a future together that included a home and family – and a lifestyle they could both enjoy. But they also wanted to make sure that they lived within their means. Read More…

Ian and Jude

“David’s very personable – he’s interested in how you are going, and he remembers significant events. We only see each other a few times a year, but he’s always very up to date with where we’re at and how things are going.”

A plan to grow wealth

Ian first went to see David Kissane in 1999 on the recommendation of his accountant. At the time, Ian and his wife Helen wanted someone to point them in the right direction in terms of building wealth for their future. After talking with David, they realised that their most important goal to become financially independent. This way, they could do all the things that they wanted once they retired. Read More…

Chris and Andie

“One of the biggest benefits of working with David is his ability to explain complex financial issues in a way that’s digestible to us. He’s always able to answer my questions whenever legislation changes.”

Starting young

When Chris first met David in 2002, he was in his mid-20s and looking to build his wealth as quickly as possible. At the time, Chris was keen to get into geared investing and had been dabbling with some self-directed investment tools. Although Chris had a bit of financial knowledge, he was overwhelmed at the investment options available. Read More…